Drawing No. 83 on Anonymity by Giorgio Vasari charcoal, crayon, acryl, scrap on paper 50 x 65 cm 2013


Drawing No. 83 on Anonymity by GiorgioVasari charcoal, crayon, acryl, scrap on paper 50  x 65 cm 2013

(©)Riedstra, the Netherlands, 2013

Art reflects its time, a primary source of information.

These drawings are study’s based on Renaissance paintings and refer to a historical concept. Somehow they reflect an atmosphere of apocalypse.
Whether religious, sexual or political, they are part of the timeframe then and the timeframe now. Wars going on, religious uproar, sexual conflicts, economicly uncertain times. But at the same an opening up of fantastic innovative possibilities in all the important fields, such as science, print, astronomy etc.

With these study’s I want to connect 16th century art with Contemporary art.

Riedstra has studied applied arts in Tel Aviv and The Hague, as well as M.A. Scenography at St Martins London, and completed her masters in Seville, Spain. She lives in the Netherlands

Website: http://www.riedstra.eu
Background information on this project: https://everydayadrawing.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/background-inf/