Project Nameless Peoples No. 7A gouache on paper 42 x 30 cm 2015


©)Riedstra Project Refugees No. 7 gouache on paper 42 x 30 cm 2015

As an artist I react to the contemporary society and the estrangement and often cruelty it involves.
Par example at this moment 10’s of 1000’s of people wander around the world seeking refuse and safety for themselves, their children, their families, their future so to speak.
Their lives are literary cut of, because of wars.

Politics and religion are in great conflict.
PowerSeekers, psychopaths who are bombing their own inhabitants, being busy exercising their ego trip with millions of people at stake.
The West looking upon the Middle East as a wayward world and forgetting that civilisation
once started there.
Now all these wandering people will end up anywhere. A true Diaspora, as in the Renaissance and later on in and after the 2nd world war should have thought us how to deal with this and how to be human towards this.

On the contrary we start building fences around our countries, shutting them up in inhuman camps, as if they are potential criminals.

I therefore decided on my Project Refugees 2015
To be named refugees as part of anonymous numerous groups that are wandering around in Europe and elsewhere around the world is one thing.
To be able to give these people a face is another.
This as an artist is my small contribution.

Netherlands 2015




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