´Who are Thou Lord’ mixed media on paper 65 X 50 cm 2014 – 2015

´Who are Thou Lord' mixed media on paper 65X 50 cm 2014 - 2015

> Riedstra’s themes in her painting- and  drawing projects are always about estrangements and the influence of  human behaviour on society.


> Art reflects its time, a primary source of information.

Project Every Day A Drawing. These works are based on the Renaissance period. They refer to a historical concept and the contemporary world we live in. Somehow they reflect an atmosphere of apocalypse and hope.
Whether religious, sexual or political, they are part of the timeframe then and the timeframe now.

With these works I want to connect Renaissance art with Contemporary art.

 Riedstra has studied applied arts in Tel Aviv and The Hague, as well as M.A. Scenography at St Martins London, and completed her masters in Seville, Spain. She lives in the Netherlands

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