Project Silver Maple Ballroom IIII ‘Lay of the Land’


52 x 72 cm mixed media on heavy paper 2017

Project Silver Maple Ballroom IIII 'Lay of the Land' 52 x 72 cm mixed media on heavy paper 2017

About Project Silver Maple Ballroom 2016 – 2017


This project is about manipulation, mental and verbal, I think right now you will find this phenomenon everywhere.
Whether we talk about the Trumps of our time, or Google with his manipulative data searches, or the way it is brutally used within religion.
To me it looks like ordinary people all over are deluded by overpowering loud rude speeches, mind boggling internet data, the power of media, without asking themselves what they might feel or think.
It seems as if as a sincere person that is civilized, thinks, analyses, educates him or herself, is powerless by this short-sighted and self-centred behaviour.




Project Nameless Peoples No. 7 gouache, on paper 42 x 30 cm 2015



©)Riedstra Project Refugees No. 7 gouache, on paper 42 x 30 cm 2015

Project Refugees 2015

To be named refugees as part of anonymous numerous groups that are wandering around in Europe and elsewhere around the world is one thing.
To be able as an artist to give these people a face is another.
This as an artist is my small contribution.



Project Murmurs & Babbles No. 1 ‘Womens’ 110 x 130 cm on 400 grams aquarel paper 2014


Contemporare Pieces

 (©)Riedstra, the Netherlands, 2012

2014 – 2015 Project Murmurs & Babbles | A follow up 

In This new project I want to get into the subject of contemporary art, what are the elements that make art contemporary Art ? And what does this mean?
A follow up on my investigation into Renaissance art and contemporary artists who reflect(ed) on them.

Riedstra has studied applied arts in Tel Aviv and The Hague, as well as M.A. Scenography at St Martins London, and completed her masters in Seville, Spain. She lives in the Netherlands

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